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Our dental billing, patient billing, and insurance verification services free up your time to focus on stronger patient relationships.

Core services

Whether it’s just individual services or your entire revenue cycle management, you can choose where to start and grow with Wisdom.

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Insurance billing

US-based experts and custom built tools enhance your billing accuracy and reduce your workload.

Insurance payment posting
  • Timely posting of insurance checks and EFTs
  • Automatic opt-out options for virtual credit cards
  • Detailed reports to compare against your deposit
  • Closely tracked EFTs to confirm deposits
  • Accurate write-offs for individual contracts
  • Detailed posting notes for each payment
Claims submission
  • Daily submission for primary and secondary claims
  • Accurate submissions for prompt payment
  • Electronic attachments for procedure codes
  • Adherence to "Clean Claim" guidelines
  • Weekly review of insurance rejections for lost claims
  • Specific checks for unbatched claims, secondary claim omissions, unattached procedures
Claims aging
  • Prompt action on overdue accounts beginning at 30 days past due
  • Thorough follow-up on all claims every 14-21 days
  • Comprehensive management of denials and appeals
  • Full-transparency claim status notes entered directly into your dental software
  • Regular reports submitted to the office weekly
  • Vigorous appeals for all services that should be covered by insurance
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Insurance verification

Comprehensive breakdowns of insurance details make it so you can deliver treatment plans with confidence.

Full breakdowns for patients' yearly plan changes
  • Complete breakdown forms that include all of a patient's insurance details for the office to plan treatment accurately
  • Detailed coverage for each plan every new benefit year
  • 10 custom code-specific questions for your specific practice
Dependable eligibility checks for your patients
  • For plans with a full breakdown already completed for the benefit year
  • Confirmation of patient’s active coverage
  • Updates to maximums
  • Updates to patient and family deductibles
Flexible package options
  • Full schedule: every patient, every day
  • Hygiene only: hygiene columns only
  • New patients only: new patient full-breakdowns only
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Patient billing

No more chasing payments with our trustworthy billing assurance and relationships-focused patient follow-up.

Patient aging reports are managed after 30 days overdue
  • Detailed statements, letters and calls to your patients on your behalf
  • Patients with an overdue balance will be notified (5 statements, 3 letters, 3 calls)
  • Uncollectible accounts are referred back for a choice between collection or account closure
Consistent electronic statement submissions
  • Audited for accuracy
  • Sent weekly, with patients receiving one statement every 30 days
  • Sent via your practice management software or other electronic tooling
Customized patient letters and phone calls to your patients
  • Letters and calls (60 days, 90 days, and 90+ days overdue)
  • Custom phone number for your practice
  • Collect with compassion and determination

Add on services

Choose any combination of these additional services on top of our core services for a small additional cost.

Fee schedule updates

We obtain the latest fee schedules based on your network contracts. Meticulously updated in your practice management software, we ensure that your billing is in alignment with the most current insurance reimbursement rates.

Ledger audits

We verify all charges, payments, adjustments, and balances to accurately reflect the current financial status of each patient account up to 2-years old. This review identifies any discrepancies or irregularities to ensure the integrity of your practice’s financial records.

Predetermination submissions

We allow all offices up to 20 predetermination submissions per month at no additional cost. With this service, if you need to submit over the limit, each additional predetermination claim is processed at $1 per claim. This service ensures that dental offices can manage their patient's insurance estimates efficiently and cost-effectively.