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Quick dental insurance claim turn around: 10 must know steps to maximize insurance revenue

10 tips to ensure clean claims and smooth dental insurance collections

Team Wisdom

Are you facing challenges with your insurance aging report? Are your insurance collections low? One of the main culprits could be the cleanliness of your claims. Sending clean claims is essential for seamless revenue cycle management. Here are 10 easy steps to ensure your claims reach their destination accurately and efficiently:

10 Tips for Effective Dental Insurance Billing:
  1. Choose the right billing method: Evaluate options like paper, electronic, or web-based portals. Electronic billing offers speed and efficiency, reducing errors and enabling real-time processing.
  1.  Ensure correct patient information: Collect accurate patient details, including name, address, and insurance ID, to streamline claims submission and payment processing.
  1. Verify insurance information accuracy: Double-check insurance details like name, address, and payor ID to prevent claim rejections due to incorrect information.
  1. Always check insurance eligibility: Verify patient insurance eligibility before appointments to catch potential issues early and prevent delays due to insurance terminations. Confirm the information entered during the initial verification is still accurate.
  1.  Ensure accurate coding: Stay updated on coding guidelines and use reputable resources to code claims correctly, enhancing accuracy and timeliness. The ADA has many resources, both online and in hard copy form, such as the most current printed CDT coding books, such as these.   
  1. Utilize diagnostic tools effectively: Capture pre-op and post-op x-rays and intra-oral photos to support claims and enhance treatment acceptance, reducing insurance denials.
  1. Include all necessary documentation: Submit comprehensive documentation, such as clinical notes, the images mentioned above, and periodontal charting to avoid delays and fulfill claims requirements.
  2. Monitor rejections and run insurance reports: Regularly check for claim rejections, correct issues promptly.
  3. Review and update billing processes regularly: Conduct audits, seek staff feedback, or engage a dental billing consultant to identify and implement improvements.
  4. Follow up on denials or unpaid claims: Promptly address denied or unpaid claims by identifying errors and resubmitting with necessary corrections. Run insurance reports to track claim status and address any outstanding matters no less than once per week. 

By following these tips, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your dental claim submissions and help to ensure that your practice gets paid promptly.

One of the top reasons your insurance aging report may be larger than you would like is because your office is not sending clean claims. 

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