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Outsourced dental billing: why choose Wisdom?

The “why” begins with Ashley Bond, and Bond Dental Billing.

Team Wisdom

The “why” begins with Ashley Bond, and Bond Dental Billing. 

If someone told Ashley Bond years ago that she'd be running her own remote dental billing company, she wouldn't have believed it! Ashley's journey is unlike any other remote dental billing company out there. 

Ashley began at her father's dental practice in 2009 with no dental knowledge, eventually becoming the office manager. In 2015, Ashley decided to stay at home after having her second daughter. Over the next four years, the front office went through many changes, and Ashley often had to step in to fix billing issues after each turnover. 

In 2018, things came to a head when Ashley's father suspected embezzlement due to discrepancies in patient accounts. 

According to Prosperident:  

Dentistry is the most embezzled profession

The average amount stolen in a dental office embezzlement is $109,000

On average, a dental embezzler goes undetected for almost two years

Outsourcing your revenue cycle management mitigates this risk, and eliminates stress for dental administrative teams, allowing them to be patient focused.

Back to our story: 

After discovering the issue ran deeper than initially thought, Ashley's father decided to outsource billing back to her. She fixed past errors and restored his revenue cycle management process remotely through ingenuity and real dental experience, while remaining loyal to the dental community. 

Thus, Bond Dental Billing was born. It began with a desire to bring peace to Ashley's father and evolved into helping dental offices nationwide. Ashley's firsthand experience as both a dentist's daughter and a dental administrator set Bond Dental Billing apart from other companies.

Ashley understands the challenges of dental revenue cycle management AND the importance of patient relationships. Her top priority is your collections and patient satisfaction, and the team she built echoes this sentiment.

Streamlined Dental RCM is no easy feat, especially in a rapidly evolving technological era.  How do dental offices find balance between the attention patients deserve, maintaining successful collections, and minimizing stress? They outsource.  

This is where Wisdom comes in. In 2023, Wisdom was born. Wisdom, just like Ashley, believes that dentistry is about people and we exist to make the future of dentistry stronger and more sustainable for dentists, their teams, and the patients they serve. What better partnership to form? With a renewed focus on delivering unparalleled support and innovation, Bond Dental Billing and Wisdom combined forces to deliver services that showcase the power of people and technology working harmoniously to propel your practice forward.

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