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How to grow your dental practice and retain patients in 8 easy steps

Harness the power of digital technology and patient experience

Team Wisdom
In today's digital age, the internet plays a crucial role in shaping consumer behavior, including how individuals seek and choose healthcare providers. As of 2015, over 70% of Americans accessed the internet daily, with more than 70% using online searches for health-related information. Thus, your online presence profoundly impacts your dental practice's success and growth. Here's how you can leverage digital marketing and innovative practice strategies to thrive in 8 easy steps.

Optimal Dental RCM can only be achieved through practice visibility, and excellent  patient experience

Steps 1 - 4: Presence

1. Modern Website Design
  - A modern, mobile-friendly website is essential for attracting and retaining patients.
  - Ensure your website loads quickly, looks professional, and provides accurate information.
2. Active Social Media Presence
  - Maintain active profiles on social platforms like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.
  - Engage your community by sharing photos, videos, special offers, and personal stories to enhance visibility and foster relationships.

3. Bolster Online Presence
  - Leverage internet marketing to reach and engage prospective patients in your local area.
  - Utilize websites, social media platforms, and other online resources to connect with patients and address their needs.

4.. Embrace Online Reviews
  - Monitor and encourage patient reviews on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.
  - Positive reviews serve as powerful testimonials, while constructive feedback can drive improvements in your practice.

Negative reviews happen! The ADA guidelines for negative reviews are a great resource to manage them

Steps 4-8: Patient Experience

5. Onsite Amenities
  - Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with amenities like heated or massage chairs and ceiling-mounted TVs.
  - These modern touches can alleviate patient anxiety and enhance the overall experience.

6. Dental Insurance Coverage:
  - Consider expanding your network coverage or showcasing affordability for out-of-network plans.
  - Being accessible to more insurance plans can attract a broader patient base.

7. Flexible Payment Plans
  - Offer monthly payment options or in-house financing to accommodate patients without insurance.
  - Providing affordable treatment options increases accessibility and acceptance.

8. Adopt New Technology
  - Invest in advanced equipment and technology to enhance patient comfort and treatment outcomes.
  - Stay abreast of technological advancements to meet patient expectations for quality care.

By embracing these digital marketing strategies and innovative practice methodologies, you can position your dental practice for sustained growth and success in today's evolving healthcare landscape. Don't let your practice fall behind – stay relevant and thriving with the right tools and strategies.

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