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Dental team meetings: improve morale, culture, and dental RCM

Elevate dental practice performance through strategic team meetings

Team Wisdom
Regular team meetings are essential for maintaining the health of your dental practice, especially in terms of dental revenue cycle management.

These meetings serve as a platform for aligning your team with your practice's vision, goals, and strategies for achieving them. By ensuring that every team member understands their role in the plan, you empower them to actively contribute to the success of your business.

High-level discussions about vision, goals, and strategy should be included in team meetings at least once or twice a year, as well as when onboarding new team members. Additionally, it's beneficial to touch on strategy implementation and progress toward goals on a monthly basis to keep the team engaged and motivated.

Education is another critical component of effective team meetings, particularly regarding practice policies, daily agendas, promotions, and any new techniques or training. Consistent and accurate information provided to patients by every team member fosters trust and ensures a positive patient experience.

Moreover, team meetings provide an opportunity to reinforce the importance of patient referrals. Research shows that patients are more likely to refer others when prompted, highlighting the significance of training your team to engage with patients and request referrals during interactions.

The frequency of team meetings depends on your practice's needs and schedule. Whether you choose to meet daily, weekly, or on another timeline, the key is to make the meetings regular and impactful. By prioritizing effective team communication, you can enhance teamwork, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately boost the success of your dental practice. 

An example of a meeting calendar by subject and frequency: 

  • Daily: Morning Huddle. Take 15 minutes before your day with patients begins to review the schedule as a team to ensure cohesive clinical and administrative collaboration. 

  • Monthly: Month In Review. Take an hour a month with provided lunch to discuss not only the previous month's production and collections, but also to team build and strategize how your daily work flow is or is not contributing to your overall goals. Tip: Allow honesty, but leaders: don’t allow the hour to become overly negative. Know when to “one off” certain topics. 

  • Quarterly: Celebrate your accomplishments! Whether over a lunch break or as a team building exercise outside of the office, take time to review and verbalize your success as a team. Quarterly meetings could also be used for continuing education as a team. 

  • Annually: Think of this as “Elevated Quarterly” - How was your year in review? What goals do you have for next year? 

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