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A guide to choosing dental conferences

Selecting the right annual conference demands careful consideration. Ensure your investment of time aligns with your goals and objectives by conducting thorough research beforehand

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As a busy dental practice, selecting the right annual conference demands careful consideration. Ensure your investment of time aligns with your goals and objectives by conducting thorough research beforehand. Assess your primary aims for attending—whether it's networking for career advancement, staying updated on technological advancements, connecting with peers, earning CE credits, team building, or all of the above. 

Diverse conferences offer various blends of education, networking, and socializing, each emphasizing distinct aspects. Here's a strategic guide to pinpointing the conference that best suits your needs:

1. Focus on Relevance:

   Different conferences may cater to specialty practices such as pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, or periodontics. Targeting your specialization enhances networking and learning tailored to your expertise. Likewise, some conferences focus on connecting to vendors, team building and culture, dental revenue cycle management, technology, or maybe even a bit of everything depending on the size.  

2. Evaluate Educational Opportunities:

   Opt for conferences featuring esteemed experts such as national authorities, experienced practitioners, and technology pioneers. Scrutinize online programs and delve into speakers' credentials to ensure access to cutting-edge continuing education.

3. Review Accessibility:

   Consider logistical ease in attending conference events. Assess proximity between venues and accommodation options, ensuring convenience without requiring a car, especially if your team is flying in. Prioritize locations aligned with your preferences, whether it's exploring new cities, experiencing tranquil retreats, or perhaps even staying close to home. 

4. Evaluate cost compared to experience. “Cost” should encompass not only the expense of the trip and potentially closing your practice so your whole team may attend, but also pertaining to your team in the sense of travel time, and overall time spent away from family. 

Regular participation in dental conferences is pivotal for acquiring new insights, staying abreast of industry trends, and fostering collaborative relationships within the dental community.

Here are some of our favorite conferences: 

Chicago Midwinter Meeting: Annual, typically in February, the Wisdom team attended this year!

The Thomas P Hinman Dental Meeting: Annual, typically in March 

Mid-Continent Dental Congress: Annual, Typically in October

AADOM Conference: Annual, typically in September

Vyne Accelerate, in May for 2024, Guest Speaker Ashley Bond

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference: Typically in May, Wisdom team attending 2024!

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