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2024 Chicago midwinter meeting highlights with Wisdom

Advancements in technology shine at chicago midwinter meeting

Team Wisdom

We are delighted to share the illuminating experiences and insights gathered at this year's Chicago Midwinter Meeting, where technological innovation took center stage. As dentistry continues to evolve, so does the complexity of dental revenue cycle management. In this dynamic landscape, leveraging technology alongside expert guidance emerges as the key not only to navigating the future but also to fostering efficient practice operations and uplifting staff morale.

The Wisdom Team was out in full force at the event, and we are eager to convey our learnings to you. 

Ashley Bond, Founder of Bond Dental Billing and VP of Billing Services at Wisdom, underscores the pivotal role of technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in dentistry's evolution. Ashley was particularly impressed by Arini, an A.I. phone answering service showcased at the event, highlighting its remarkable realism and intuitive capabilities. She looks forward with anticipation to the transformative impact A.I. will have on dentistry. Additionally, both Ashley and Kendra Glacken, Wisdom’s Client Experience Manager, were drawn to Nexhealth's booth, which stood out with its inviting setup and engaging activities such as a hat-making bar with custom labeled hats.

Stoyan Kenderov, Wisdom's founder and CEO, states that. Roger Levin's presentation on "Solving the Dental Staffing Crisis" resonated deeply, emphasizing the importance of building and retaining a superior team, particularly within dental revenue operations, again hitting home that this, partnered with technology, is the path to the future.

In addition to our engagements at the event, Wisdom had the pleasure of hosting a Midwinter Mixer at the VU Rooftop Lounge. 

The overwhelming support and turnout from esteemed colleagues, consultants, speakers, and friends left us truly humbled. Ashley Bond reflects on the heartwarming experience of seeing familiar faces from her Speaking Consulting Network and Dental Entrepreneur Network, alongside industry leaders she has long admired. To quote her directly: 

“To be in the room with speakers and consultants that I have looked up to since working at my Father's practice and to know they were there supporting me and Wisdom was a real dream moment.”

In summary, the Chicago Midwinter Meeting served as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, reaffirming our commitment to leveraging technology and expertise for the betterment of dental practices. 

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